Thursday, 22 March 2012

A glance at a day's work at the Air Port.

Just when everyone's dreaming the best of their dreams, just when the stars are still shining bright in the sky, Sonam (name changed) is already off to work. It's just 4:30 am in the morning and by he time he reaches office, it's exactly 5 O'clock. Sonam works for the Immigration Department at the only Air Port in the country.

The notion that his department is all-to-do with visas, work permits, route-permits, etc lingered in his mind ever since he joined this department. And it was not a wrong concept, it really was true! It was all related to the expatriates, people from abroad and their identity.

His work at the Air Port is not so different from the one he handled at the head office in Thimphu, except for the timing, almost everything is just he same. The timing is "weird", really off-track unlike any other work. Going to the office some 4 or 5 hours ahead of any other office goers and leaving early as early as 12 or 1 pm in the afternoon is really unique of this job.

The first few days were really difficult for him, but as time went by, he learned to adapt to the new schedule of getting up by 4:00 am in the morning and getting ready for the daily routine. Once in the office, his day began by putting on his PC and logging in to the official web. Along with his co-mates, the daily routine of punching the details of the people leaving and arriving in the country at the 'Departure port' and 'Arrival Port' kept him engaged.

The experience was nice. He liked what he did. Working at the Air Port has it's own side of pros and cons. The opportunity of meeting so many new faces, people from all walks of life, both countrymen and foreigners was a sort of boon for him for he got this chance to interact with them and inquire about anything that clung to his mind. Sometimes, to start a conversation, he would ask something obvious to the foreigners. For instance, with the passport of a Canadian in his hand, he would still inquire, "Are you from Canada?" which is actually obvious. This went on for almost all day. Sometimes, the high officials and dignataries would greet him, and this boosted his energy, it gave him the zeal to work more.

Important religious figures kept flying in and out of the country. And this is another added advantage of working at the Air Port, you get to receive their blessings any time they are there without actually having to queue up and wait for hours and hours like other people. Just roll- up your sleeves abd bow down, and then you are blessed blissfully.

This is probably how Sonam's day at the Air Port would come to an end. Happy and content, he would go home and prepare lunch for himself. He would then take a short cat-nap after lunch. Wake up towards the evening and stroll down the road towards the market. It's 4:00 am, another new day and the same routine again!!!

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