Monday, 14 March 2011

Me and the Monarch: An Encounter.

Not so many people anywhere around the world get this rare opportunity to come so close and have a conversation with their leaders, be it their Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers, President, etc. I was one among the hundreds who got this rare opportunity to mingle freely with my smart and dauntless king, the People’s King Himself.
The final day of the half dozen and three days National Graduate Orientation Program came to a halt and everyone one of us, a total of some twelve hundred and sixty-eight heads who have successfully completed our journey through fifteen years or more of our education, were elated and excited.
As soon as we knew that His Majesty was going to give an audience to us, I felt the gush of blood following into my nerves through the veins, I started to experience something different. It was quite a surprise and an opportunity too. As for me I was really dying to see and meet my King. I am a little too selfish to mention this, because everyone might be as excited as I am.
From the moment I knew I was going to see the Guardian Himself, my heart leapt with immense joy and merriment. So many fantasies crowed and buzzed around my head. Countless queries hummed around my ears. We are to meet with The People’s King, and I definitely have the right to be excited. Don’t I? I was also a little nervous.
At the back of my head, I was really confused as to what questions I shall ask? What topics shall we discuss on the next day? But the most important question was, will I get an opportunity for a short discourse?
The final day arrived. I woke up early in the morning to the command of my high-pitched alarm. I got myself a hot cup of coffee. And I was all ready with my new gho on, lagay well folded, my shoe well polished, hair well gelled, to be precise, I was well dressed, making myself presentable and smart for the D-Day.
All of us gathered in front of the King’s Grand Palace just below Tashichhozong. Slowly, we were ushered in by the police and the many security guards standing smartly in their uniform. I couldn’t hide my excitement just when I was about to enter the main gate. There was a tight and thorough security check-up. And that was when I realized that, it’s not so easy to go and see the King. We were all seated inside the tent so long and spacious enough to fit every one of us comfortably.
We were all given a warm welcome by the many Bhutanese artists, including my all-time-favorite comedian Phurba Thinley. Everyone laughed their stomachs out at the sight of this very funny joke cracker.
The actual session began as soon as the King graced the occasion with his smart presence. I heard the girls nearby me murmuring, “Wow! So smart.” They couldn’t help themselves from uttering those words of appreciation and admiration at the very first sight. And yes! Believe me; even Angels from above could not have resisted that temptation. He looked very smart and handsome as ever before. He was the prince charming before, and now He is the King charming, if I may say –so.
Question answers were exchanged to and fro between the King and his subjects. The subjects of the talk varied from Democracy to the how abouts of the Fourth King through GNH, and more of that sort. In the process, some of the graduates asked about the Queen in question, to which His Majesty said he’s working this out.
One very interesting that I noticed about my King was that, He never spoke to us like a King from above. He was so humble and down-to-earth. He mingled freely with the graduates as if He knew each one of us personally. When asked about what he does think about, while at the coffee table, He said, he thinks about a lot of things. But spend most of my time “introspecting” and “contemplating” on the things that he did and the things that he’ll do in the future.
“I worry about the future of my country all the time, from the moment I open my eyes in the morning till I close my eyes, even in my dreams.” These were the exact words that came out of the very concerned King of our small nation and I was deeply touched. A sort of patriotic feeling aroused in me. But I was left wordless.
The session went on hour after hour and we were served tea and snacks innumerable in number. A very special lunch ensued the valuable talks. And thus the wonderful and meaningful day came to an end. Before we broke off, our King had something for us; we were presented a T-shirt with a logo of our smart King, a batch and a pedant each.
I had such a wonderful day. Hope everybody did. I thus value this special day. One moment that shall always remain in my heart would be this very rare moment that I got to share with my King. May your reign bring unprecedented peace, prosperity, and happiness in this little happiness-loving nation of ours. We all love you- Our Dear King, you truly are the People’s King.

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  1. Hey man, we are really lucky bunch of citizens who have acceded our rare opportunity to meet the King of our country. Unlike other, our King never rules. He's very humble and affectionate that touches everyone's heart. May He live long! Nice post, man!